ZFS, which means Z File System, is a cutting-edge file system that offers better performance for sites and online applications. One of its serious advantages is the real-time checksum comparison - each file features a checksum, or a digital fingerprint, and ZFS compares the checksums of all files between the several hard drives functioning together in a RAID. If any file is broken for some reason on one of the hard disks, it is restored from another travel with the correct checksum. This way, the integrity of any file located on a server is guaranteed all of the time. ZFS also functions faster than other file systems, that enables backups to be generated considerably faster and without slowing down the overall performance of the entire machine. Additionally, ZFS does not have a restriction for the total number of files that may be stored on a web server while all other file systems have some limit that could cause problems sooner or later, especially for script applications which have a huge number of files.

ZFS Cloud Storage, Mails, MySQL in Shared Web Hosting

The shared web hosting solutions which we provide are developed on our ZFS-powered cloud hosting platform and if you host your sites with us, you shall enjoy all the advantages of this file system. All web servers that are part of our cluster system work with ZFS and feature SSD drives and large amounts of RAM. Subsequently, your websites shall operate many times quicker than if they were running on a web server with the regular setup which you will find with other web hosting companies. For better performance, we employ the ZFS file system on all clusters - not simply the ones in which your files are saved, but also the ones which handle the databases and the emails. The file system provides significantly better loading speeds and ensures the integrity of your site as if a production server fails, we could switch to a backup one and it shall have the latest version of your website or the latest email messages which you have received. The greater backup speeds also enable us to make four daily backups of all your content - files, databases and emails. This makes our Internet hosting packages the best solution for your websites if you're looking for a quick and reliable service.

ZFS Cloud Storage, Mails, MySQL in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Considering all of the advantages that ZFS has over other file systems available on the market, we have decided to employ it on all of our web servers which are part of the advanced cloud platform where new semi-dedicated hosting accounts are created. Potent web servers with hundreds of gbs of physical memory and SSD drives will ensure the very best possible performance of the file system and of any website hosted on our end. We use the same setup for storing not only the files which you upload, but also any databases that you build and e-mails which you receive, which improves the quality of our service tremendously over what you can find on the market. Not only shall there be no restriction to the number of files and e-mails that you can have at any moment, but you will also have 4 browsable backups of all of your content on a daily basis and the backup generation won't affect the hosting server functionality. Offering such a number of backups is because of the superior data compression rates the ZFS system provides. Because all files are checked in real time, we can also switch to a backup machine in seconds if there is an issue with any hosting server and the content on it shall be the latest one, so you'll never need to consider the reliability of your hosting service or worry about losing any content.