If you need an effective web hosting solution for your Internet sites, you shall need a standalone hosting server because a shared Internet hosting plan may not be able to handle the load or you could simply need some software to be present on the hosting server. While a shared web server is managed by the hosting company, this isn't the case with a virtual or a dedicated hosting server, so you'll need to handle many different tasks like keeping a backup of your content or installing software. This could be an issue if you do not have a lot of experience or you simply do not have time to handle this kind of issues. For this type of situations we offer a Managed Services upgrade, which comes with a number of tasks our system admins can do for you, saving you the time and the trouble to do them yourself. This upgrade shall permit you to start and maintain a successful web presence and you can concentrate on developing your Internet sites rather than handling small tiresome tasks.

Managed Services Package in Dedicated Servers Hosting

The Managed Services pack could be added to any one of the Linux dedicated servers hosting packages which we offer and it takes only a simply click to do that during the hosting server signup or inside your billing Control Panel at any point in time. You could also determine if you will get the upgrade just one time or if you will employ it frequently since it provides a lot of handy services. We shall keep a backup of 50 Gigabytes of content on an independent machine, so if anything breaks down, we could restore the data. We shall also ensure that the hosting server will perform at its best because we will keep track of it, reboot it when necessary, and we shall install all the most recent performance and security updates for the OS you have selected. Additionally, our system administrators can do 30 minutes custom work on your server, which is sufficient for nearly all tasks. For example installing or troubleshooting programs from third-party companies, custom software settings, etcetera. That way, you'll be able to use a dedicated server even if you do not have previous working experience with this type of website hosting.