In the Site Control Panel you can find an easy to use Web–site Builder application, that can be used to create a brand new site. The Site Builder has over a hundred extraordinary layout templates, accessible in many color combinations, that you can personalize to your preferences. In order to make a new site, you don’t have to know HTML, PHP, CSS or some other programming language. All you should be aware of is how to utilize the easy–to–use manager with the Site Builder. You can use it to speedily design new webpages, change their contents, include brand new components to your website and even more.

An Easy–to–use Web–site Builder

No encoding working experience is called for

When you utilize a tool to make your site, it’s critical this application is a snap to employ. For this reason, we incorporated the Web–site Builder into the Site Control Panel. It’s very straightforward and allows you to build your website with a mouse click.

You can configure webpages, control their contents and also add brand new components by using an easy–to–navigate manager. If you have employed a CMS, a web application or perhaps a text editing application, you’ll already understand how to make use of our Web–site Builder.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

A wide range of Site Layout Templates

More than 100 layout themes to install with a click of the mouse

Using the Website Builder instrument, you will have access to’s selection of over 1 hundred 100% free design templates. Each layout template is available in two different styles and also includes different color setups. The layout templates are built to cover all typical types of websites – private web sites, e–commerce store, company website, and so forth.

If you get bored with your website theme or discover a far better one, you can change it within seconds. All brand new webpages and customizations you’ve made will be preserved.

Multiple Website Templates

How–to Video Tutorials

Observe how effortless it really is to develop a site

Our Site builder is no doubt user friendly, nevertheless, to be able to make the most from the app, you will need a little bit of guidance and training. To help you receive the greatest results, we have organized a few video tutorials centered on the different features provided by Site Studio.

The instructional videos will help you to far better learn how to manage the site application.

Video Tutorials